EMG is a natural resource management company serving communities, governments, property managers and non-profits throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.  We offer consulting and services aimed at creating a sustainable relationships between humans and their natural surroundings.  Contact us now for help with:

  • Whitetail deer managment and other wildlife issues;
  • Storm water management;
  • Hortictultural consulting;
  • Soil and stormwater management;
  • Deer crash reduction strategies; and
  • Northern Virginia’s #1 source for dead deer removal.

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Join Us on April 20 to Learn More About Protecting Your Plants from Deer Damage

sound wall deerWhitetail deer are one of Northern Virginia’s most beautiful and interesting natural resources.  With today’s ever-growing deer herd, it’s hard to believe these animals were virtually non-existent in Virginia 100 years ago.

The comeback of deer in Virginia is a true conservation success story, but with it comes a host of problems.  Deer present a danger on our highways and host the black legged ticks that carry Lyme disease.  They can also turn thousands of dollars worth of landscaping into a barren wasteland in a matter of weeks!

Please join us for a Meetup on Thursday April 20 to learn more about living with deer in Northern Virginia and about how you can protect your landscape investment from deer right now.  The April 20 meetup will be held in the Leesburg area, with the exact location to be picked as we get closer to that date.  We hope to hold the meetup outdoors and will watch the weather forecast to determine if that is possible.

For more information, please join our group on Meetup.com or email mattcoughlin2000@gmail.com.